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 Rosters and In-Game Rules

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PostSubject: Rosters and In-Game Rules    Sun Jul 23, 2017 12:12 pm

Scheduling / Roster

-Each team will have to schedule players for a minimum of 1 game per week on their roster. Unless that player is on Vacation.

-There is a roster minimum of 7 players but you are responsible for forfeits if not enough players are on.

-Teams with not enough players online will be allowed to play with 4 players NO LESS.

-Roster Maximum is 10

-Each team will be responsible to place one player on the bottom of their roster who is able to be claimed by any team at the end of the week. (Highlighted Orange area)

-Teams will be able to claim 1 player off Late sign up list at the end of every week. You will also be able to use that claim on players at the bottom of other teams rosters. (Orange section)

-Sign ups close July 4th 10pm (Late signups will be able to be claimed)

-Priority of claims will be last to first place.

In Game Rules

-Game Start at 11:00 Est.
(There is a 20 Grace Period to start the game at 11:20)
-If time reaches 11:21 and not started yet, that team forfeits first map.
-If time reaches 11:41 and second map not started that team forfeits the match.

-No "Castle Glitching" (placing a castle wall and mobile barricade to prevent breach)

-No sideways mobile barricades on windows to prevent entry. DOORS ARE FINE.

-Games will be best of 3 maps, ranked style with overtime included.

-Teams will veto maps with other owner until 3 maps remain, home team gets first veto and then first selection of the last 3 maps remaining. (Yacht, Favelas, Plane are auto vetoed) Home team also picks attack or defend first on the 3rd map.

Maps Avaliable are! **Updated**

-Hereford Base
-Sky Scrapper
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Rosters and In-Game Rules
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